When moving beyond bottling, you will likely start with a simple keg and picnic tap setup...Soon after you will be setting up your 'fridge dispenser or keezer. You can start with cheap faucet handles but you soon will want nicer handles. Taps from other breweries work too, but I thought it would be nice to make my own, either painted with labels or with chalk paint so I could easily label them.

For $15-$20 you should be able to build several handles.

Materials Needed:

  • 96" furring strip, usually 2x2 comes out 1.5x1.5
  • Brass 3/8- 16 wood insert nut
  • Sand Paper
  • Paint or Stain
  • Paint Brush

Cut the wood. Most taps are 6"-12" in height. Be sure to consider your design. Will it hit anything if it's too tall? Do you want subtle or to be able to be seen from a distance?

Sand well. You want a smooth surface so you don't need several coats of paint.

Grab your drill and make a pilot for your brass threads. You want this to be a snug fit, but with enough space so it doesn't split the wood. I went with 1/2" and it fits perfect. Some guys will drill bigger and then use glue. Whatever you do, make sure the hole is centered and straight. The taller your tap handle the more noticeable if it isn't on straight.

You can go square, round the edges, bevel, taper... I think the more unique the better. Once your happy with your cuts, sand again with high grit and prep for stain or paint. 

Carefully insert the brass threads. Centered and Straight!

My friends at TheDecalGuru.com made the vinyl sticker for me and then went over it with clear sealer to make sure the sticker wouldn't come off when wet and it gave it a distressed look

Looks great on display at a local brewery where my beer is available (homebrew competition winner)