Well, the Hot Liquor Tank is done. The first half was easy. I was a bit nervous drilling through the steel. One mistake and it could be ugly for life or worse...ruined! I took my time and made two perfect holes. I am really happy with how this looks and eventually how it will function. Getting the weldless fittings just right took some time. I was initially tightening way too much. Those little rubber washers or o-ring gaskets only need about half a turn past hand tight; trust me, water wont go through the rubber. My pieces didn't really come with any instructions, I just bought them and hoped they would work. They fit but leaked the first 5 or 6 times i installed them. 

Lessons learned:
1. Don't tighten too tight where the rubber is doing the work
2. Use a lot of teflon tape on all threads
3. Really tighten the fittings where it is metal on metal. These don't fit perfectly so they need to be really tight and secured with a lot of tape between them.