We have talked about feedback from judges, but honest feedback from friends and family is also great for a number of reasons:
1. It is faster and free to share - you get instant feedback
2. You can use the feedback and make subtle changes and have the same people try the update to learn if you made the correct changes based on their palette or critique.

A few tips:
1. Join a homebrew club. These usually have BJCP members and the meetings often include trading of homebrew. Learn from each other!
2. Host tasting parties and BBQs. Sometimes we will just go around the table, give a few notes, and then all try. Wait for each other so you don't impact the opinion of others. Other times I will just serve a new brew and then ask what they think (they often don't know if it is craft brew or homebrew so you get opinion without them worrying about your feelings. 

All pallets are unique. Give honest feedback, learn from critique!