A few friends have already asked about the quality of pictures on this site. My sister, Katie, has the camera and the talent. She uses a Canon SL1 (aka "the worlds smallest dslr"). She uses a 75-300mm, 50mm, and 18-55mm lens. That's all I know. I show her the cool shiny stuff I am working on and she sets up the shots. It's that easy.

She doesn't mind questions directly emailed to her and she has professionally taken photos for other types of  celebrations, although I think she has a knack for documenting cool stuff (like my brewing setup). Have a question for her? Katie can be reached at katieisout@gmail.com

Katie also made the cool vinyl sticker for me you see over a few of the brewery photos. They do custom work and I thought it would be fun to give the brewery some permanent signage. Her website can be found at http://thedecalguru.com/