You have done everything right, concentrating on quality and sanitation during every step...right up until you pitched the yeast into cooled wort and carefully put it in your bottles.


Here are three last-stage things to remember that will help ensure a batch you are proud to share with friends!


1. Use Dark Bottles

Light damages beer, causing a "skunky" taste. Even though you can purchase clear bottles for less, dark bottles keep the light out. Don't skimp on this expense. After a few batches you will have plenty of bottles to reuse. Just clean them right after you empty them and this chore isn't too bad. 


2. Store in a Cool, Dark Space

Kind of obvious, but some people get excited and leave their bottled brews on a kitchen counter top...the same issue happens here. Avoid light as often as possible. Store your beer in a dark place. I keep mine in the same place as the fermenters where no sunlight enters. For the small bottles (12oz), they fit nicely in a cupboard in the laundry room. Keeping yeast in a cool temperature will allow it to do its job!


3. Pour Carefully When Transferring

When moving your batch into secondary buckets or right to bottles, make sure to make the transfer as smooth as possible. I try to only move the bucket once on brew day and once on bottle day. Any splashing allows oxygen into your beer, can disrupt the nice krausen cap (the frothy yeast hat, mostly foam and carbon dioxide) and will cause it to lose its freshness faster.


Finish strong! And enjoy your hard work!


- Budget Brewery