Quickly lower wort to temperatures suitable for yeast

Materials needed:
  • 50ft of copper - $50
  • Tube Bender - $4 (but I didn't use this after all)
  • Hose Receivers - 2 x $4
  • 3/8" to 1/2" Copper Adapter - 2 x $4
  • Teflon Tape - $2
Tools needed:
  • Wrench (x2)
  • Pipe Cutter - $5
Basic Plans:

This isn't a bad project at all and sure beats lifting boiling water in a pot up into a sink for an ice bath, especially if you are using a 15-gallon kettle.

You need fittings at both ends of your copper tubing that will allow you to connect to a garden hose. You could use a single fitting or even hose with simple clamps. Technically, the fittings and clamps don't even need to be food-grade quality because they and the water passing through them will not enter the wort. I went with what was available and easy to work with: A lead-free compression elbow and then a hose adapter (x2). This allows me to plug the 3/8" copper into the 1/2" garden hose.

Grab something round that you can trace with the copper pipe. You can use a Korny Keg, a fermentor bucket, a carboy,or a large water bottle, depending on the diameter of your kettle. You can see in the photos below I went with a 5-gallon water bottle. Be sure to test the size before you start bending. or you could do this twice...you want to make sure the copper will easily sit next to the probes and over the screens

If your tube has endcaps on it like mine, cut an inch or so off. You will want a nice clean circle to attach your fittings so it doesnt leak. I found the Uniweld 70016 Spring Tube Bender for 3/8-Inch OD Soft Copper and Aluminum for only $4. I figure it is worth the investment even if I did't use it on this project. Bending copper is pretty easy but I didn't want to risk kinking the $50 tube and having to worry about cutting it and starting over with a shorter, now cheaper piece... When it was all said and done I didn't use it but I would consider the purachase if you have any significant bends you need to make

Check for leaks and you are done! You have just built a chiller that makes your brewing job easier and your brewery much safer!