My wife occasionally (Father's Day, Valentine's, Birthday, Christmas) asks what else I would like to add to my system. I usually have a running wish list in my head, but sometimes I just can't remember everything I need. This list below is a great place to send that special someone when looking for gift ideas. 

What else is on your wish list?


Some brewers like "stuff" and want to try the new gadgets, taking a hands-on approach. Others want to first read about various processes, brewing styles and history, and explore regional differences. I guess I am a little of both, but I started with reading everything I could until I felt like I could brew on my own as well as walk into a homebrew store and "fake" my way around asking what I needed. I have done a fair amount of reading now and these are some of my favorites, ranging from practical applications to historical significance of regions, ingredients, and technological advancements: