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My first goal with this website was to document the process. I enjoyed putting things together and making the system "my own." I didn't really enjoy looking over countless forums, old and dated websites, links that were no longer active...and so I decided to try and put together my experience and resources that were most helpful together in one location. Certainly, some of the forums that have been established have great discussion threads. Others have helpful links to products with no explanation of process or practical applications. I decided to try and fill this small niche on one system for a reasonable cost.

There are many ways to build something like this and some could do it better, I am sure...but so far no one with the skillset to do so is also effectively documenting their experience in a simple, FREE format. All of the information on our site is 100% free and it always will be. I am using the system I have outlined here and have fun doing so.

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