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Welcome to Budget Brewery!


Interested in putting together your own all-grain system but don't want to spend a fortune?

You have come to the right place! We're a lot like you, scouring the web for tips, strategies, and ways to get started at home without getting in big trouble for spending too much. My goals included a system that could produce any 10-gallon recipe, be convenient enough to not spend too much extra time cleaning and setting up, and to be mobile for brewing in the garage, in the backyard, or even over at a friend's house. I have created this website as I slowly learned about brewing at home, weighing the pros and cons of electric vs. gas, considered size of equipment I would want now and in the future, and prices for premade or custom equipment versus putting together my own system based on reading and advice from friends. I hope that by documenting these experiences you too will find some useful information and the encouragement  needed to brew your own beer on a system you truly built.  

About this site

After looking all over the web and trying to estimate expense for a set-up better than something that would only do 5-gallon extract batches out of a boxed kit and not wanting to spend thousands on my first system, I knew this was going to take some research and maybe even trial and error. Knowing I would learn along the way and want to upgrade or replace components as I found my own preferences, I decided against spending over $1500 on something I thought I would like (but not sure) and instead set out to build a system for less than half that. Because I quickly grew frustrated with finding the best way to build a nice, beginner system, I soon committed to documenting the process so others could easily do the same. I used all food-grade parts and as much stainless steel as possible without going over budget. If you are able to contribute your own experiences by submitting a blog entry or simplyable to learn from something on this site I will consider your visit a success.

Budget Breakdown

$180 HLT & Burner

$95 Mash Tun

$225 Boiling Pot & Burner

$30 Fermenter

(See individual pages for further assembly &  budget info)